A special dinner in honor of France!

Hello Darlings!

A couple of weeks ago, a few of my dearest and sweetest friends joined Fred and I to raise a glass or four and to eat some wonderful french food. Why you ask? Well for one I love to cook with wonderful ingredients, great wine and for a great cause. I was sadden for my friends who live in Paris having to live through the ordeal of terrorism hitting so close to home. I wanted to honor them in a way to let them know we are all thinking of their losses and fears. But in a way that 1800+ miles away I can only do! COOK, throw a party with a french twist and drink lots of wine!

What is the first thing you would want to do like my sweet Parisian friends, well why yes you plan a wonderful menu. One of my favorite things to do with Stampin Up! is to print out beautiful menus and embellish them with the sparkles of life. (I'll share how I did these at another time).

Secondly, you set a beautiful table. From my only invitation to a private dinner party in Paris, I wish I had a picture to share with you. But I absolutely refused to be the stero/typical Americana' taking photos and being rude. So you'll just have to use my setting.

Then the fun begins! My guests start arriving, and the beautiful gruyere puffs and batons are warm and waiting. It sure does not take long for all of those to vanish.

Gruyere Puffs

Start of Batons'

Winter Pea Soup

The vegetable base for Beef Daube

Beef Daube complete

The start of Chocolate Eclairs!

And my eclairs after my 1.5 bottles of wine that I consumed! They are not as appealing to look at but oh so yummy! Not to mention the many many giggles coming out of the kitchen!

And last but not least the beginning of the clean up!

A (very) small fraction of the glass aftermath!

I am by no means a Julia Child! But to my Parisian friends we felt we honored you well with our beautiful night. We think of you often!

Viva la Free Speech!

Happy Cookin' & Happy Stampin'


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