Entertaining with a tailgate twist Day 1...

Hello Darlings!

I have been MIA for the past few weeks due to planning and executing Fred's 50th Birthday Party! Boy was that a PARTY!

At first we were going to do a 50's style Rat Pack Party with a band, then it went to him going with a bunch of guys golfing and finally it was a weekend with friends, college buddies and family at The Grove at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. Fred went to college at Ole' Miss. So what better way to celebrate a milestone birthday then in a place you have many fond memories.

We arrived on Friday night. Had a few cocktails at City Grocery and had some delicious food on the Square.

An early rise by my standards, my friend David Beddingfield and I headed out to The Grove at 7:30am to begin our prep work of making our tent look worthy of the ladies of The Grove. We had to find our tent in the midst of thousands of tents. Luckily we were smart enough to arrive before a lot of other folks.

At this point, David and I decided it was Bloody Mary time after we fabricated our way with the curtains.

Onto the next project, we needed to start making our tables look divine.

Come back on Sunday to see the final results of our tent, the birthday cake, the delicious food and all of our wonderful friends who joined us that day to make Fred turning 50 so special.

I will also have recipes,a peek look at the Thank you cards I made today to send out to all of these wonderful people and a beverage video. I just cannot wait to share all of these wonderful projects with you.

Happy Stamping & Happy Cooking,


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