Glam-Girlie Turns 5!

Hello Darlings,

Ever have one of this best made plans and everything falls apart? That would be my week. I have absolutely not one picture of Addison's birthday party when she was 3 or 4. That breaks my heart! So on we go to 5!

Turning 5 is a big deal to me with my Glam Girl! I can no longer call her a toddler. She has officially moved to a little girl. Where did our time go? I often tease both girls stating I am going to put a brick on their heads to make them slow down growing up so fast. Do you have a similar quote you use with your child or grand child?

Here are the details of the Cinderella birthday party. I saw on Pinterest where a person had taken a large cardboard box; (probably a refrigerator box) and turned their doorway into a castle entrance. I wanted to do that for my sweet glam-girl!
Here is my castle entrance.

I have the good fortune that my husband has a friend in the lumber business. Steve Wilson of Wilson Lumber. Steve gave us multiple cardboard pieces. That is how I turned my entrance into a Grand Princess entrance.

Another look from further away.

A look at the food table. I made chicken salad and PB&J crown sandwiches, mini mac & cheese cups, fruit and veggie tray, cheese sticks to look like brooms and blue royal icing shoes with a edible decorations.

Our place setting decor for our royal princesses. I found the silver plated trays at the Dollar Store. What a great find that day hidden among the shelves. I also ordered from Amazon the rings and slipper.

All of our princesses!

One of the activities I had for the girls were to make their own crown with jewels. I found all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby.
It became unbearably hot outside for Cake. The cake came from Publix.

And finally my Glam Girlie! All smiles.

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Happy Cookin' & Happy Stampin'


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