I should have known better

In my years of working in television I should have known that the rules do apply to me. And yes they do apply to me. I mean really how hard is a video blog? Well guess what? They are really hard when you decide you don't need a script, you don't need a videographer and you can just wing the whole thing! UM No! My all mighty God or Miss Universal Karma or what ever your beliefs are; mine is my all mighty God decided to teach me a lesson all about patience and intelligence. Qualities I thought I was blessed and graced by; but not today.

My whole blog post was going to be me walking thru my neighbor's garden stealing mint and creating a wonderful mojito! Nothing and I mean nothing went according to my make it up as you go plan. So here you go for all of you wonderful tech professionals working the cameras making all of these video bloggers look so great! This is for you, you script writers whom I now have so much respect for your job. This is for you bloggers who make recording videos looks so damn easy! Yeah you've all won one over on me today. I get it.. A script is needed, a videographer that understands the equipment and a me becoming more committed to my gym workouts.

And yes at the end of this day I drank my mistakes and maybe one day I will figure out this video blog world and show you how to make these delicious drinks.

Until then,

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