Hello Darlings!

I love this time of the year here in the good ole south. Lots of fresh lettuces, radishes and a few beans are starting to show up in our gardens. When I was growing up this was the time of the year my 'nother Mom would say it's men cookin' time. Meaning go see the butcher in town for the latest steaks. Then head to the garden to get a few vegetables. Mr. Papee would start up the good old charcoal black pot and cook our evening meal.

This is the start of our dinner tonight. Nothing fancy but good steaks and good green beans. All of this cooked on our non-fancy charcoal smoker/grill. We love our big green egg and use this lovely tool a tremendous amount during the spring all the way through the fall. I just love a good australian grass fed filet. And sometimes like my trip to the market today, it was on sale. To prepare these for the grill, I added salt, pepper and Tabasco. And for the green beans I made a aluminum foil bowl added salt, pepper, sliced garlic and EVOO. Give it to the grill master in your home and all the clean up is dishwasher safe.

The finished product!

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Happy Cookin' & Stampin'!

September Gray
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