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I am so excited to introduce the blog side of Now what excatly is It's my blog and a website that is all about my two favorite hobbies colliding and becoming my business. Paper crafting & cooking!

I love paper crafting. I have been blessed with a successful business in creating invitations,(weddings, engagements, parties), birth announcements and holiday greeting cards to name a few. I find I lose myself in the whole process in such a good way. I love working with my clients in the creation of setting the theme for their event. I love sitting down with people and letting their ideas come alive with paper, ink, stamps, glue and cutting all by this wonderful company called Stampin Up! It's a WOW factor! A flutter in your belly when they see their project for the first time. The dancing in their eyes as they begin to touch and feel their project. Magical.

AND, I love to cook! To entertain!

There is nothing like the feeling of having a house full of loud friends and family, music in the background and me in the kitchen preparing a glorious meal. Sometimes it is the cooking that will inspire a creative paper thought and vice versa. I never know when that spark will turn into fire!

Stolen Tomato Gazpacho

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Happy Cookin' & Stampin'!

September Gray
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